These are writings that are unpublished and presented here.

The Warhammer short stories stem from a request by Games Workshop many years ago when they decided to widen their product range by starting the Black Library. They put out a call for stories. By the time I had got some written, they’d changed policy deciding that only published authors would be asked to contribute. Well, I had all these stories, some finished, some under development with nowhere to go. The setting is the Warhammer universe and hence they can’t really go anywhere. So enjoy and I’d love to know what you think of them.

Fractured State is a computer game. I liked the aesthetic given that it resonated steampunk and I contacted the developers with the idea of a book. I wrote the extract as an indicator of what it might read like. Well, they weren’t interested. Perhaps the story wasn’t good enough. What do you think?

The Metropolitans was a serial that I wrote for the Continental Telegraph in 2018-19. The story follows the adventures of a collection of people living in the Big L and provides a wry look at contemporary culture.