These are stories set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer universe. Warhammer alongside its sister game Warhammer 40K is a figure gaming system with a very evolved setting. There are books and computer games also set in the universe. It is very popular and greatly predates the advent of computer gaming.

Wargaming or figure gaming goes back a long way. H.G. Wells wrote a book about it (Little Soldiers) and wargaming in the sense of preparing for war is a serious activity carried out by security forces everywhere.

The stories are all set within the Warhammer universe and were initially written in response to a request a good many years ago by Games Workshop for content to populate their new endeavour at the time, the Black Library. But a change in commissioning policy meant they were never published by them. When it became clear there was no likelihood of this happening, I stopped writing them.

Note the following stories are complete:

Those below are unfinished. They all start but the story is incomplete. The middle and ending never got written.

How much of the story exists varies. For instance, Arabian Knight is mostly written; At Bay has the opening scenes and the premise of the short story. There’s about 15K words of No Thin Red Line of Heroes, which was going to be a full-length novel.