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I write fantasy and science fiction, mostly.

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Tony Carden is the nom de plume of a wordsmith who enjoys creative writing as a third leg to his other activities, which include—inter alia—playing in punk-rock band.

He is married and has four sons, which causes those when first hearing this to take an audible intake of breath. He doesn’t mind at all. Four is good.

He has books currently available as e-downloads on Kindle.

Dragoumanos and Nexus Bocharis use a steampunk aesthetic set in an alternative Victorian England which includes monsters and weird steam-driven machines.

The Sorcerer’s Lackey is a comedy about a useless hero on a quest and parodies the epic fantasy genre.

The Metropolitans is a serial that was originally published by The Continental Telegraph.

More books are on the way, some part of the above, as well as other fiction of a loosely-defined science fiction and fantasy genre.

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Worsdmith — a left-handed dyslexic writer with limited eyesight
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