When writers get together...

I was at a meeting of writers and we got into a conversation about which authors we like reading. It then morphed into those that had influenced one’s creativity and, in particular, those of one’s formative years. Of course, I couldn’t remember all the science fiction and fantasy authors that I’ve read “way back then” or even more recently.

But following our gathering, I tried to put together a bit of a list, and here it is in no particular order:

Science Fiction

Poul Anderson

Vernon Vinge

Frank Herbert

Jack Vance

Cordwainer Smith

Isaac Asimov

Jerry Pournelle

E.E. “Doc” Smith

Douglas Adams

Theodore Sturgeon

Frederik Pohl

Robert Sheekly

Roger Zelany

A.E. Van Vogt

Larry Niven

Robert Asprin

Robert Heinlein

Ian WatsonArthur C. Clarke

Jerry Pournelle

Ian Banks

Brian Stapleford

Brian Aldiss


Anne McCaffrey

Terry Brooks

DAvid Eddings

Peter Moorwood

Robert Jordan

Robin Hobb

Steven Brust

Philip Reeve

K.M Weilland

Terry Pratchett

Tom Holt

Eion Colfer

J.K. Rowling

Philip Pullman

There are, as said, lots more I’ve read and should really be on the list.