Time Travel

Not far from where I live, there’s the home of Shoreline of Infinity. For those who haven’t come across this science fiction magazine, you need to look up their website.

It has prompted me to get interested in the themes it tackles.

While I mostly write in the fantasy genre, I do like science fiction. And would like to write science fiction. I grew up reading a lot of it. Authors like H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Philip K. Dick, and a great many others. They tackled great subjects and themes. One of these is time travel.

We all know of the possible paradoxes that time travel presents. Going back in time and causing something in the future to change as a result of actions in the past is a favourite. It has led to a whole lot of creativity in exploring this issue, as well as many others. It has also made it into movies. After all, isn’t the Terminator series at heart nothing other than a time travel conundrum?

So here I am. I’d like to write a short story for Shoreline and have even got the opening two sentences mapped out:

Deklan Barstan was past it. Not in chrono time. In event time.

But the challenge is to take it from there and come up with a convincing plot that exploits the theme in a new and memorable way.

Have I got the above? Sadly, no. That’s why those few words are all there are of my time travel short story.